Why Use LED's?
LED's are cost effective, long lasting and consume very low amounts of energy - typically 5-10 times less than traditional lighting sources. They deliver instant on, flicker-free light that is bright and homogeneous and exhibits very little fade over time. Built using non-toxic, recyclable materials and producing no UV radiation, they are the most eco-friendly lighting products you can buy.

Why use JT-LED Lighting?
With over 10 years experience of the signage and LED sector, JT LED is a leading supplier to the sign and retail sectors. We offer a wide range of premium quality LEDs products for signage, architectural and retail purposes, all of which use the latest market leading technologies and come with warranties of between 2 to 5 years.

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RGB LED Module 0.72W

Rotary Dial Controller

LENS Module 1.44W

Slim LED Floodlight